KM4000 Key Mill


A rugged performer designed with a 2 inch (50.8 mm) sideshift to cut wide keyways at minimal cost. Versatile, smooth and precise, it mounts anywhere along a shaft, at any angle, and eliminates the need for a costly assortment of different size cutters. For shaft diameters ranging from 4 to 24 inches (101.6 to 609.6 mm).


Keyway Length:
8 inches (203.2 mm)

Keyway Width:
3.25 inches with 2 inch sideshift (82.6 mm with 50.8 mm sideshift)

Shaft Diameter:
4 – 24 inches (101.6 – 609.6 mm)

Power Option:
Electric, Pneumatic, or Hydraulic

High quality, heavy-duty machine

Cuts new keyways up to 3.25 inches (82.6 mm) wide and 7.88 inches (200.2 mm) long in one setup.

Two-inch (50.8 mm) lateral travel allows cutting wide pockets or slots with a single end mill.

Universal type motor and triple gear reduction provide plenty of torque.

Permanently sealed lubrication, so machine can be operated at any angle.

The leadscrew is a precision Acme thread and is fitted with roller thrust bearings.

Anti-friction bearings used throughout.

Dovetail ways machined for smooth movement in both longitudinal and transversal directions.

Features zeroing-type adjusting dial for controlling cutter depth.

Contoured base is self-centering and self-aligning on the shaft.

Electronic speed control offers precision control of spindle speeds while retaining full torque over available rpm range.

Compact, easy to set up, versatile

Needs only 8.5 inches (215.9 mm) of shaft for clamping, or only 10.5 inches (266.7 mm) of shaft for clamping from an obstruction.

Mounts on shafts from 4 – 24 inches (101.6 – 609.6 mm) in diameter.

Mounts anywhere along the shaft.

Rapid longitudinal travel can be made with a drill motor for quick setups.

Technical Data

0.75 inches (19.05 mm) is the standard spindle size for inch-machines.

20 mm (0.79 inches) is the standard spindle size for metric machines.

Many different machine variations are possible, contact your CLIMAX Sales Representative for more information.


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