Customized to Mobilize Your Specific Valve Testing Needs!

CALDER Valve Testers has been customizing valve testing systems for almost 40 years designing and creating unique solutions to meet all your valve testing challenges head-on. The CALDER Mobile Valve Workshop is no exception, offering unrivaled flexibility in a portable container unit that can be customized to meet and mobilize all your Valve Testing services.

CALDER mobile valve workshops are creating a better way for valve testing companies to help their customers optimize their productivity, safety, and results. Multiple state-of-the-art containers sizes are available and configurable to include CALDER gas and hydro test systems, including the new CALDER QUICKSET™ Safety Relief Valve Tester. Choose from a wide variety of industrial-grade compliments, including the CLIMAX Portable Valve Grinding and Lapping machines, Portable SMARTEST™ DAAS, and SMARTEST™ DACS for digital capturing and sharing of valve test performance, stationary lathe machines for tool repairs and reshaping of valve parts.

User Safety is always our priority and all CALDER Valve Testers are equipped with patented safety interlocks designed to hold clamp pressure until the internal test pressure is released. All CALDER Mobile Valve Workshops can be insulated and designed with multiple emergency exits.

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