Mobile Valve Workshop


The Mobile Valve Workshop containers are customizable and configurable – designed specifically to meet the most complex valve testing and repair challenges. With multiple portable container sizes available, the CALDER Mobile Valve Workshop can meet your “impossible” challenge head-on and anywhere.

Built to order


Container Sizes:
10, 20, 40, or 53 foot (3048, 6096, 12192, or 16154 mm)

Crane Options:
Jib crane, 0.5 or 1 ton (0.45 or 0.91 tonne)
Overhead crane, 0.5 or 1 ton (0.45 or 0.91 tonne)


Multiple portable container sizes are available from 20-feet (6.1m) to 53-feet (16.2m).

Customized layout designed specifically to optimize all your valve testing & repair needs.

Gas and hydro test systems are available and configurable to 10,140 PSI. High-cube customized mobile workshop containers can feature a complete valve testing & repair facility for PSV and standard valves up to 16-inch (406 mm).

Control valve seat leakage testing to determine seat leakage of control valves per API, MSS, ANSI, FCI 70-2, and ISO standards.

Robust frame protects all components during transport.

Industrial grade workbench configurable for a wide range of valve maintenance needs.

Dedicated compressors for high-pressure testing use and low-pressure workshop utility.

Industrial-grade power sockets can be located anywhere in the container.


Overhead and jib cranes are available up to 1 ton for loading and unloading valves inside and outside the container.

Nozzle remover is available for easy dismantling and assembly of safety valve nozzles.

Quick connect air connections available anywhere in the container.

Valve cleaning cabinets configurable with pumps for cleaning valve components.

Portable water systems are available and equipped with a TAP facility and inbuilt reservoir for general use.

Convenient frame and rigging points designed for forklifts provide for easy lifting anywhere in the field.

Intrinsically safe Heating or Air Conditioning for use in various climate conditions.


Configurable QuickSet™ Safety Relief Valve Testers are available in all container sizes. The QuickSet™ SRV can test safety relief valves up to 16-inch (406 mm) inside the container.

Portable SmarTest™ DAAS and SmarTest™ DACS for digital capturing and sharing of valve test performance.

Compressor room can be equipped with various compressors and multiple storage bottle sizes.

Industry-leading CLIMAX Portable Valve Grinding and Lapping machines available up to 40-inch (1016 mm) for valve seat repair work.

Stationary lathe machines are available for tool repairs or reshaping valve parts.

Higher test pressure configurable to 10,140 PSI (700 Bar), available for liquid or gas testing for a wider range of valves.

DNV 2.7-1 certification is available for offshore applications.

CE certified. All CALDER products are available for sale worldwide, including the European Union and other locations where CE certification is required.

Made In the USA & ISO 9001:2015 certified ensures all CALDER products are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Standard 2-year warranty is the longest in the industry! We’re confident in our quality, and we back it up!


Insulated workshops can be customized to comply with local requirements including ASTM standards for outdoor use.

Fire extinguishers can be located anywhere in the container.

Multiple emergency exits can be located and equipped with panic release locks.

Patented Safety Interlocks designed to hold clamp pressure until the pressure drain valve is opened and internal test pressure is released.

Compressor room can be configured and enhanced to reduce noise and heat levels inside the workshop area.

Pressure lines are installed with RVs for over-pressure protection.