CALDER receives Patent for Safety Interlock System

CALDER receives Patent for Safety Interlock System

Congratulations to Dave Briggs and the CLIMAX | CALDER engineering team for officially receiving the Patent for the CALDER Safety Interlock System. The Safety Interlock System is designed with interlocking knobs and valve handles that will not release the clamp pressure until the internal test pressure is relieved. This design mitigates user injuries and creates a safer work environment for the valve testing technician as they can’t physically release a valve until all the internal pressure is gone.

Along with the safety interlock system, all CALDER advanced valve testers offer unrivaled safety features. Many valve testing OEM’s claim to have a 10,000-psi maximum pressure rating, but their systems contain components rated to only a fraction of that – in some cases as low as 2,500 psi! There’s a reason for this: the cost of these components goes up exponentially with the pressure rating, and these OEM’s save money by cutting corners on safety and quality. They may tell you ‘it doesn’t matter’ but at CALDER, nothing matters more than the safety of your operators, and we don’t cut corners!

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40 years ago, CALDER began manufacturing Valve Testers because founder, John Emmitte, realized that companies were not testing valves properly.  Now there’s a new lineup of state-of-the-art pressure relief valve testers that will once again raise the bar with unrivaled performance and ease of use.

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