THE HYDROPRO™ VALVE TESTERS – The Most Versatile & Cost-Effective Way to Test Valves

THE HYDROPRO™ VALVE TESTERS – The Most Versatile & Cost-Effective Way to Test Valves

The CALDER HYDROPRO™ Universal Straight Valve Tester (USV) and Universal Flange Valve Tester (UFV) are the safest, most accurate, and most versatile advanced valve testing systems in the industry.

When paired with the HYDROPRO™ Console, HYDROPRO™ valve testing systems are capable of hydrostatic tests up to 9700 psi and low-pressure air tests up to 125 psi. The unique tilting feature rotates clamped valves 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical, ensuring removal of all air prior to pressurizing the system.

CALDER-CARE-300x300HYDROPRO Universal Straight Valve (USV)

This clamp fixture clamps and seals straight-bodied valves for pressure testing. Our patented Easy-Out Seal Plate Holders allow quick change-out of seal plates from flanged to other valve end type connections without the use of special tools, bolts, nuts, or gaskets.

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YDROPRO Universal Flange Valve Tester (UFV)

This clamp fixture clamps and seals flanged valves for pressure testing. Paired with a HYDROPRO™ Hydraulic Flange Seal, this is the best way to test API valves, where cross-body pressure on the valve is not an option.

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Ask us for a demo and head-to-head comparison with any other brand, and we’ll show you why CALDER HYDROPRO™ Valve Testing Systems are the right way to go!

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