Hydropro™ Console


The HYDROPRO™ Console is the most versatile and user-friendly tester in the industry, capable of performing a wide variety of valve tests when paired with a CALDER hydraulic clamping system or even blind flanging. Every component in the tester is OEM-certified to the maximum allowable working pressure of the system. This is by far the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage your valve testing program.


Valve Type:
All except SRV’s

Valve Clamping:
Blind flange or any clamp fixture

Types of Tests:
Hydrostatic & low pressure air seat leakage


Every component in the console’s pressure circuit is OEM-certified to the maximum specified testing pressure of the system for increased quality, durability and safety. This is unique among major tester OEMs.

Heavy-duty console walls are built with 12-gage steel to protect internal components from damage, making this tester rugged and durable for long life and reliable operation in industrial environments.

ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing ensures all CALDER products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Be sure to ask about this when investing in a tester. Only the best for our customers!

CE certified and available world-wide! All CALDER products are available for sale world-wide, including in the European Union and other locations where CE certification is required.

Standard 2-year warranty is the longest in the industry! We’re confident in our quality, and we back it up! And – ask us how to extend your warranty out to 5 years . . .


Many testing options available such as shell, seat leakage with drip tube, single-sided pressurization, double-sided pressurization, low pressure air test, air pilot actuation, vacuum pilot actuation, and many more.

Infinitely configurable to meet your exact needs. With thousands of configurations, options and accessories, we can build exactly what you need, without charging you for things you don’t need!

Field upgradable/ expandable to evolve with your business and maximize your ROI. Our modular, common-platform design ensures that all equipment and accessories are plug-and-play compatible to meet your changing business needs.

Can be paired with Calder clamp systems HYDROPRO™ Universal Straight Valve Tester and the HYDROPRO™ Universal Flange Valve Tester for testing many types of valves.

Can be used to pressure other components such as heat exchangers.

Test multiple valves concurrently. Test on one port of the console while setting up the next test piece on the other port, minimizing downtime and maximizing your productivity.

Capable of blind flange testing giving you the flexibility to test larger valves without requiring a larger clamping system.


Intuitive control panel layout makes performing a test procedure efficient and easy on the operator.

Quick-connect gauges can be easily removed for calibration or maintenance, to maximize the up-time of your tester.

Our unique Quick-fill water circuit allows operators to fill valves up fast and reduce overall test time.

Extensive operating manual contains easy to follow tips and includes step-by-step set up instructions for various valve testing operations.

Only shop air and water needed for functionality.

CALDER HYDROPRO Valve Testing Equipment