The BORTECH Auto Bore Welders are designed for speed, efficiency, and productivity! 


The Bortech automated bore welder was created in 1982, after 600 hours of development and testing by the operator of a machine shop that offered heavy equipment repair for local construction contractors. The bore welder was the answer to the obvious need for a machine to rebuild worn holes on large parts. The bore welders produce a weld overlay on the worn section of the workpiece. The workpiece can then be machined back to its original size. Automated bore welders are superior to hand-welding. They are faster, provide smoother weld, and allow the operator access to small or hard-to-reach bores.


The BW3000 Auto Bore Welder!

The BORTECH BW3000 boasts the greatest control over welding parameters in the industry. Utilizing the patented ‘Step’ process, the BW3000 can weld a complete 360 degree in a single plane, before ‘stepping’ to the next plane. This technology allows for complete weld coverage at the start and finish of the bore.

Adjusting the size of the step allows the user to control bead-to-bead overlap, or to weld in either the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Combined with adjustments to travel, speed, and wire speed (amperage), you have complete flexibility over welding parameters for your most challenging applications.



Bortech Auto Bore Welders are portable and can be used in both field and shop repairs. Automated BoreWelders mount to the workpiece and interface with all CLIMAX boring bars. One quick set-up allows the user to align the bore welder and the boring bar giving the operator the ability to weld one bore while machining another!

Key BoreWelder Facts:
• IDs from 1/4″ to 12″ diameters
• Weld IDs, ODs, faces, or conical surfaces
• GMAW process with short arc or spray transfer modes
• Weld in all positions – horizontal, vertical, or inverted
• Weld with all base and filler metals
• 50%-75% time reduction vs. hand welding