The Top Ten Portable Machine Tools of Choice – Tool No. 3

The Top Ten Portable Machine Tools of Choice – Tool No. 3


Continuing our weekly series on the most versatile portable machine tools we asked the questions: Are you starting a new field machining company or division? Expanding your existing operation? Are you a general contractor or owner operator looking to self-perform mechanical maintenance onsite? While industry and geography will factor into what equipment would be ideal for your toolbox, we asked our Global Application Engineers and Field Machining Experts to suggest a list of tools they might purchase first if they had to start up their own field machining operation.

The last two weeks, we recommended the following tools:

      1. The CLIMAX BB5000 Line Boring Machine
      2. The CLIMAX FF5300 Flange Facer


This week our field machining experts recommended the BORTECH BW3000 Auto Bore Welder.

#3 – The BORTECH BW3000 Auto Bore Welder

Applications Engineer and Technical Trainer

The BW3000 Auto Bore Welder WILL make your repair life easier. Combined with the CLIMAX BB5000 Line Boring Machine, users can switch from boring to welding in 1 minute and enjoy the capabilities that pioneered the bore welding industry, giving users full control of all welding and positioning parameters from one control. All drives are fully reversible, keyway skip, bidirectional fill mode, and unidirectional fill mode ensure users can easily manage the worst of round and tapered bores.

The BW3000 Auto Bore Welder is also a heavily utilized machine as a stand-alone unit, working in overlay and repair and machine shops, recovering castings, weldments, and other high investment parts that need repair within multiple industries. Outfitted with the shop style feeder, top mount feeder, and wire straightener, the BW3000 is a formidable machine for the overlay of Inconel, stainless, aluminum bronze, stellite, and more.

Global Training Manager

More often than not, if a bore needs to be machined, it also needs to be welded, and like the CLIMAX BB5000 Line Boring machine, there is no other auto bore welder that competes with the BORTECH BW3000.

Applications Engineer and Technical Trainer

The most versatile bore welder in the industry! The weld quality, consistency, and versatility are unmatched, giving users the ability to weld on any cylindrical surface. And like the CLIMAX BB5000 Line Boring machine, the BW3000 has a massive complement of accessories including face torches, trammel torches, extended range ID torches, and bearing clearance torches that allow for welding on almost any surface as well as diameters.

When repairing bores that are worn, oval, oblong, or tapered the Bortech BW3000 Auto Bore Welder has to be a machine in your toolbox. The BW3000 holds its value performing exceptionally well over long periods of time, with hundreds of machines sold 20+ years ago that are still in operation and still burning wire every day.

Contact us for more information on the BORTECH BW3000 Auto Bore Welder. Stay tuned as next week we unveil the next most popular portable machine tool chosen by our Application Engineering and Portable Machining Experts.