The Top Ten Portable Machine Tools of Choice – Tool No. 2

The Top Ten Portable Machine Tools of Choice – Tool No. 2

What’s in your toolbox? The CLIMAX FF5300 Flange Facer.

Because machines and large parts don’t breakdown according to schedules, having the right tool for the job can make all the difference in getting the job, getting the job done right, getting it done quickly, and getting future work.

Are you starting a new field machining company or division? Expanding your existing operation? Are you a general contractor or owner operator looking to self-perform mechanical maintenance onsite? While industry and geography will factor into what equipment would be ideal for your toolbox, we asked our Global Application Engineers and Field Machining Experts to suggest a list of tools they might purchase first if they had to start up their own field machining operation.

Last week we highlighted the CLIMAX BB5000 Line Boring machine, click to read the full article.

This week our Global Application Engineers and Field Machining Experts are recommending the CLIMAX FF5300 Flange Facer.

#2 – The CLIMAX FF5300 Flange Facer

Applications Engineer and Technical Trainer

The new CLIMAX FF5300 Flange Facer is a robust machine with a facing range from 5 to 40 inches. This machine can be broken down into individual components allowing for one person to easily handle the machine without the use of a crane. It is super easy to set up, and our ‘hands-free’ remote feed and control capability makes this machine the best flange facer available on the market today.

Global Training Manager

The FF5300 can tackle a large range of applications facing various styles of flanges including grooving, straight, and angled flanges, as well as being capable of boring and turning in some applications. No other flange facer on the market can cover the range of applications.

Applications Engineer and Technical Trainer

The modular design of the CLIMAX FF5300 Flange Facer allows the machine to be set up by a single technician. The 32-inch arm enables the machine to be mounted in tight clearance applications, while the 40-inch arm extends the machining range, giving customers the range of two machines for the price of one!

Vice President of Engineering, and Research & Development

The CLIMAX FF5300 Flange Facer was engineered to perform in the toughest of conditions, making this machine the ideal flange facer for every onsite machining operation.  The two heavy-duty machining arms are engineered with a dampening composite to maximize rigid performance and ensure reliable results and high-quality cutting performance over many surfaces, including interrupted cuts and weld overlay even at the full range.


Forged from 40 years of flange facing experience, the FF5300 Flange Facer sets a new standard in compact flange facing making this portable machine tool a critical addition to any company looking for a tool guaranteed to generate a return for years on end.

Contact us for more information on the CLIMAX FF5300 Flange Facer. Stay tuned as next week we unveil the next most popular portable machine tool chosen by our Application Engineering and Portable Machining Experts.