The Top Ten Portable Machine Tools of Choice – Tool No. 1

The Top Ten Portable Machine Tools of Choice – Tool No. 1


Because machines and large parts don’t breakdown according to schedules, having the right tool for the job can make all the difference in winning the job, getting the job done right, getting it done quickly, and earning future work.

All purchases and rentals should be assessed on tool quality, safety features, performance reputation, ease of use, ability of the tool to perform as many applications as possible, the OEM’s ability to support those tools, but most importantly, since almost every onsite machining job will be different from the last, having the right tool, available and at the ready will ensure operators can say ‘YES’ to the next job.

Are you starting a new field machining company or division? Expanding your existing operation? Are you a general contractor or owner operator looking to self-perform mechanical maintenance onsite? While industry and geography will factor into what equipment would be ideal for your toolbox, we asked our Global Application Engineers and Field Machining Experts to suggest a list of tools they might purchase first if they had to start up their own field machining operation.

#1 – The CLIMAX BB5000 Line Boring Machine

Global Training ManagerThe BB5000 Line Boring machine is the most versatile portable machine tool in the industry. This tool can cover the most applications from, boring to drilling to facing, and can cross over into any industry and outperforms every other machine in its class.
Applications Engineer for the Middle EastOne of the most popular tools we offer for all types of industries. The BB5000 Line Boring machine is versatile, modular, and easy to use for most boring, facing, and drilling applications. This tool has the highest number of optional accessories and upgrades, which gives the owner room to grow and become an onsite machining leader.
Global Applications Engineer and Technical TrainerThe BB5000 is by far the most versatile Line Boring machine in the industry; power, rigidity, versatility, and accuracy are second to none! You can accessorize with facing and grooving attachments, a cantilever drilling system, and the Bore Measuring Tool we offer eliminates the ‘human’ aspect of measuring for more consistent measurements.
Global Applications Engineer and Technical TrainerThe BB5000 Line Boring machine is designed to outperform every other line boring machine on the market. The BB5000 comes with multiple options and accessories for machining a wide range of bores ranging from 1.5’’ – 24’’. It can be used for machining faces, snap ring grooves, and even converted into a drill. The BB5000 is also easily adaptable with BORTECH Auto Bore welders for a quick one job setup for all your line boring and welding needs.
Global Applications Engineer and Technical TrainerThe BB5000 Line Boring machine is the industry standard that no other boring bar company can match. The stump-pulling power of the BB5000 makes it a favorite for standard and exotic boring, drilling, and facing applications. Available in hydraulic, electric, or servo, the BB5000 is a powerhouse that breeds confidence for every field machinist that uses one.

The BB5000 spherical bearing mounts are fast and easy to mount up, and a snap to dial in. I like how the spherical bearing housings don’t bind on the bar, and the power unit clamps to the external sphere for the anti-torque anchor, without having to worry about rough alignment or perpendicularity of the bearing to the bar. The separate feed and rotational drive units can act in unison or be split apart for restricted applications for more versatility. With tons of alternate functions and accessories, the BB5000 is a true workhorse in the roughest industrial landscapes of in-situ machining worldwide.

The BB5000 Line Boring machine offers unmatched performance, range, and versatility making this portable machine tool a critical addition to any company looking for a tool guaranteed to generate a return for years on end.

Contact us for more information on the CLIMAX BB5000 Line Boring machine. Stay tuned as next week we unveil the next most popular portable machine tool chosen by our Application Engineering and Portable Machining Experts.