The BORTECH Auto Bore Welding Machine Gets You Back in Action Fast!

The BORTECH Auto Bore Welding Machine Gets You Back in Action Fast!

12 Reasons to pair a BORTECH auto bore welding machine with your CLIMAX boring bar.

When repairing bores is the challenge at hand, time is of the essence. You need to get back up and running as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality, accuracy or safety. Here’s why owning a BORTECH auto bore welding machine is exactly what you need to get back in action – fast!

      1. Save time by performing two tasks simultaneously. Welding and boring can be performed simultaneously on different bores using the CLIMAX line boring system with the BORTECH automated bore welder.
      2. Quick change from line boring to welding. The BORTECH automated bore welder seamlessly interfaces with the CLIMAX bearing system for a five-minute changeover from boring to welding.
      3. Weld virtually any kind of workpiece. The adjustable mounting base allows the mounting of the BORTECH auto bore welder to fit any workpiece when used independently of the CLIMAX bearing mounts.
      4. Speed!  The BORTECH auto bore welder is up to 75% faster than hand-welding, with the ability to lay 5 lbs of metal per hour, hour after hour.
      5. Reduce hard spots and inclusions. The BORETECH auto bore welder reduces hard spots and inclusions by 95% vs. hand-welding.
      6. Beautiful welds, easier to machine. A consistent and uniform weld deposit provides a smooth, defect-free surface for subsequent machining. This reduces cutting tool wear and reduces machining time by up to 50% vs. hand-welding.
      7. Keyways? Split lines? No problem! The BORTECH Auto-Skip feature is perfect for skipping keyways or split lines, eliminating the need to manually “skip” no-weld areas.
      8. Return out-of-round bores to circular. Extended use of Auto-Skip capability allows automated correction of out-of-round bores, using Pie Mode or Carriage Return, which prevents over-boring or slugging.
      9. Reversible rotation for added flexibility.  Reversible rotation gives the operator the ability to weld in either rotation direction, allowing unlimited weld passes to be performed with minimal welding challenges when compared to unidirectional bore welding machines.
      10. Adjust torch diameter independently of torch angle. The BORTECH Offset Head provides torch diameter adjustment without changing the torch angle. Maintaining the correct torch angle makes for consistent and repeatable welding results.
      11. Total control of welding parameters. The BORTECH BW3000 is the only MIG bore welder that gives you control over every welding and positioning parameter.
      12. Improved health and safety. BORTECH auto bore welders keep operators away from harmful smoke and fumes, contributing to safety in the workplace.

BORTECH auto bore welding machines have been the experts’ tool of choice for more than 30 years. BORTECH machines can be purchased or rented anywhere in the world and are backed by the expert service and support of the world-wide CLIMAX network: training, consultation, applications engineering, spare parts, tech support, custom machine design, equipment repair and maintenance services – everything you need for success in your work. These field-proven machines will get you up and running with high quality, precision, and safety – in record time!

Get in touch with us today to see how BORTECH machines can go to work for you!