The BORTECH automated welding systems are designed to attach to several CLIMAX boring machine mounting fixtures, allowing a single setup for both welding and machining operations. These automated welders offer high-quality, affordable welding performance for bore, flange, and valve repair.

Improved Safety & Productivity

  • Remote pendant controls minimize the welder’s exposure to harmful fumes, heat, and flash.
  • Eliminates tedious, repetitive motion leading to welder fatigue and injury.
  • Welds in areas that are difficult or impossible to reach.
  • The welder is free to work on other jobs while automated welding is taking place, significantly improving productivity.
  • Welds in bores that are too small to weld by hand and are too large to weld with good consistency in a timely manner.
  • Cut job time in half by welding one set of bores while you’re machining the other.

Versatile, Efficient, Repeatable

  • Weld in the horizontal or vertical axis more consistently than hand welding.
  • Operates at a lower voltage with no starts & stops, maintaining a very consistent arc length.
  • Arc time increases 100% vs. hand welding methods.
  • Uses far fewer consumables vs. hand welding.
  • Smooth, consistent welds reduce machining time by up to 50% – which also reduces wear & tear on your tooling, boring equipment, and consumables.
  • Automatic out-of-round correction capability (pie mode and carriage return) means there’s no pre-boring needed to manually fill a void or to oversize the bore to make it round).
  • Interfaces with CLIMAX BB3000, BB4500 and BB5000 Boring Machines (one set-up operation).

BORTECH automated welding systems provide you with higher quality welds, as well as substantial time & cost savings over hand welding methods. The auto bore welders are available for sale or rent. We also offer customized training at our site or yours. Get in touch by calling us at +1-503-538-2185 or fill out our contact form to find out if CLIMAX’s training programs or portable machining and welding solutions are right for you!


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