The BORTECH BW3000 Auto Bore Welder is the industry leader in automated bore welding and is known for its unrivaled performance and reliability, whether in the shop or onsite in the field. The BW3000 can weld all cylindrical surfaces and diameters ranging from 0.5 to 54 inches (12.7 to 1371.6 mm), but to maximize performance, optional equipment is critical when welding diameters under 0.875 inches (22.2 mm) or over 28 inches (711.2 mm).

SMALLER BORES (diameters under 0.875 inches)

To achieve diameters under 0.875 inches (22.2 mm), the BW3000 needs a faster rotation speed and will require the BORTECH fast rotation motor (part # 39724). In addition, the BW3000 will need a smaller torch size; the #000 torch (part # 39724) will achieve 0.5 to 1 inch (12.7 to 25.4 mm) with available tips from .024 to .035 inch (.024 to .889 mm). Push/pull is STRONGLY recommended when using the fast rotation system.

LARGER BORES (diameters over 28 inches) 

When attempting diameters above 28 inches (711.2 mm), the BW3000 needs a slower rotation than the standard system can provide. Using a gear reduction will achieve this. Use a slow rotation pulley (part # 32574) and belt (part # 32575) to give the standard system a 2-to-1 gear reduction allowing for diameters up to 54 inches (1371.6 mm). In addition, optional accessories like radial mounts, counterbalance, extended range ID torch, or extended diameter OD torch will be necessary depending on the application.

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