A few years ago, William Higginbotham, out of Scott, Louisiana, and the team at General Electric used a customized CLIMAX BB8000 line boring machine to update a GE D11 Steam Turbine Casing onsite at a power plant.

The CLIMAX BB8100 Line Boring Machine:

The model of versatility, this line boring machine offers easy, flexible setup, a high power-to-weight ratio, and high-speed operation to boost productivity. Adaptable to a huge range of bore diameters, from 14.5 to 85.6 inches (368.3 – 2174.2 mm).

Bar Diameter8 in.203.2 mm
Boring Diameter14.5 – 85.6 in.368.3 – 2174.2 mm
Max. Strokelength of barlength of bar
Torque at Bar3350 – 6068 ft-lb4542 – 8227 N•m
Power OptionHydraulicHydraulic


Powerful Yet Compact

  • Take the power of a stationary machine to the job site to solve tough machining challenges in record time.
  • Using an 11.3 in3 (185.3 cm3) hydraulic motor produces 4783 ft•lb (6484.9 N•m) of torque at the bar at 15.1 rpm.
  • Compact, modular components allow fast, easy setup, maximizing efficiencies and minimizing downtime.

Versatile and Flexible

  • Machines bores from 14.5 – 85.6 inches (368.3- 2174.2 mm) in diameter and faces from 14 – 97.7 inches (355.6 – 2481.6 mm) with various facing attachments.
  • ID and End mount bearings feature spherical taper-lock roller bearings.
  • The end mount can be fine-adjusted by +/- 0.25 inches (6.35 mm) to center the bar.
  • Optional dual action boring/facing arms increase facing range and allow for both boring and facing without switching equipment. Full-length square ways on boring/facing arms allow for quick positioning anywhere along the arm. Attaches to the net fit tool carrier by compression-clamping to provide maximum tool stability.
  • The machine is highly adjustable. The tool carrier, half nut, alignment of boring/facing arm, and tool carriage can each be adjusted to maximize machining performance.
  • Net fit tool carrier can be clamped to the bar for facing operations. For boring operations, the carrier can be adjusted to remove clearance between the carrier and the bar. This flexibility also ensures maximum rigidity for either operation.
  • The net fit tool carrier is designed with a split frame to simplify installation on the boring bar. It can be configured to use either the boring head set for boring or facing or the new boring/facing arm assembly.
  • – With leading and trailing boring head configuration, two boring heads can be used simultaneously.
  • For an even greater facing range with longer radial travel, the new boring/facing arms are available. Setup is quick and easy, featuring industry-standard quick-change tooling for both boring and facing operations.
  • Highly versatile tool holder block accepts industry standard tooling with a nominal 1-inch (25.4 mm) square shank.
  • The tool post on the boring/facing arm can be rotated to provide maximum flexibility in the machining setup (including some cantilevered configurations).

High-Quality Design

  • Features a uniquely designed modular tool carrier that provides a new level of strength and rigidity by channeling machining forces directly to the boring bar through strategically located adjustable guide shoes.
  • Hard chromed bars, straight to within 0.001 inch per foot (0.0254 per 304.8 mm).
  • Optional gun-drilled bars with optical targets are available.
  • Adjustable, removable half nut increases net fit tool carrier flexibility. Easy removal of the tool carrier allows for the machining of multiple bores.
  • Backlash adjustment nut allows in-the-field adjustment to eliminate backlash in the tool carrier and extend the life of the machine.

The CLIMAX BB8100 Line Boring Machine is available for purchase or rent. Contact a CLIMAX expert today for more information.