The durability, performance, and quality of CLIMAX products are unmatched in our industry. Our products are a testament to the outstanding professionals who make them and CLIMAX’s commitment to manufacturing in the USA. Over 99% of CLIMAX products, parts, and accessories come from our Newberg, Oregon factory. The U.S. manufacturing standards for safety and quality are the highest in the world. The example of our rotational drive unit is evidence of our team’s pride and commitment to ensuring our customers get unrivaled products.

Rotational drive unit housings for the CLIMAX line boring systems are typically made from a casting, but due to specific customer requirements, the CLIMAX team led by Pat Miller, Production Manager, and Jim Martin, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, elected to make them from scratch instead of having a custom casting made.

Most of our complex parts are made on multiple machining centers whereas, these parts were manufactured entirely on our 5-axis milling center by our talented machinist and 17-year CLIMAX veteran, Phong Huynh.

First, we clamped the 240-pound billet into the table vise and machined one whole side including, the outside profile, the inside bore, and the cooling fins. The large through bore is +/- .003″ but has a very tight positional tolerance of .002″.
Next, the part is turned over, and all the interior features are machined to create clearance for the gear train and bearings. The interior bearing seating surface is machined to a profile of .003”.
Finally, the two halves are assembled, and the finish machining is complete. Because the entire outside of the RDU is a cosmetic class A, it will be a 63 Ra or better, having no or very slightly visible machining marks.

Tom Cunningham CEO and President of CLIMAX is often quoted as saying ‘At CLIMAX, we compete with our products, but we WIN with our people!’, and the CLIMAX Manufacturing Team continues to raise the manufacturing bar every day. It’s an effort like this that causes professionals like Jeremy Burton from Nucor Steel to say, ‘Once again CLIMAX comes through and knocks the ball out of the park! Unmatched customer service and the most reliable and accurate portable machines available… Hands down!’

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