H&S TOOL Delivers the Most Versatile Locking Systems for End Prep Tools!

For more than 40 years, H&S TOOL has developed precision, state-of-the-art portable machine tools that solve the world’s toughest problems. Our line-up of ID-mounted End Prep Tools for Tube and Pipe Beveling combines power, versatility, and ease of use in a compact and lightweight package.

Designed to perform on-site machining on boiler tubes or other pipe applications, H&S TOOL offers a variety of locking systems to optimize set-up time, maximize clamping capability and versatility, and make short work of your end prep projects.

  • Enhanced Wedge Locking System is designed with captured retaining springs, allowing for quick change of wedge extensions and preventing loss of springs. The Speed Wheel allows for wedge expansion using a star-wheel, which is faster in confined spaces.
  • The ANCHOR GRIP™ collet system provides superior gripping for applications such as stub removal, light wall tubing that can’t be deformed, and tubing that can’t be contaminated by falling debris.
  • The H&S TOOL AirLok™ pneumatic clamping system dramatically saves time on high-volume jobs by locking and unlocking the tool instantly with the flip of a valve.
  • Thin Wall Pads can be used to replace collet or wedge systems when locking into thin wall tube or pipe. The pads eliminate wall distortion or triangulation of tubes for an even bevel.
  • The Elbow Mandrel System is designed to allow locking into short or long radius elbows.


Wedge Locking System

ANCHOR GRIP™ Collet System

Elbow Mandrel System







Other Key H&S TOOL BOILER GUN™ and POWER BEVELER advantages include:

  • Multiple tool holders
  • Easy-to-use feed systems
  • Flexible cutter speeds
  • Industry-leading power and performance
  • World’s largest selection of special machining tools
  • High-quality blades

Ask us for a demo and head-to-head comparison with any other brand, and we’ll show you why the H&S TOOL End Prep Tools are the best in the industry. From our tools, consulting, application engineering, custom design, training, start-up and commissioning, after-sale service, spare parts, equipment repair and maintenance, tooling and bits, and rentals – H&S TOOL offers unmatched value.

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