FAQ: You Asked, We Listened

FAQ: You Asked, We Listened

Keep your questions coming – our FAQ is back! From advice on flange facing solutions to information about our global training offerings, we have an answer readily available for you.

To help our customers stay up to date on the many ways CLIMAX can support you and your company with upcoming projects, we are sharing another frequently asked question with expertise from our Global Training Manager Jim Miller.

CUSTOMER QUESTION: I’ve been line boring and welding for many years. I have already built a strong knowledge base about the industry and expertise around my day-to-day work, and I have an experienced team around me. How can I benefit from CLIMAX training?

JIM MILLER: There’s always something new to learn! We have customers who have worked in the industry for 10, 20, 30 years – even if you’ve done the same work for your entire career, you can benefit from knowing the latest and best ways to optimize your efficiency. We’re always introducing new products to make our customers’ lives easier and continually sharing tips and tricks.

Our experts can help shed light on why certain tools work better than others or how they operate together to provide maximum efficiency. One example is that there are new ways to measure bores that weren’t available a few years ago. On the other end of the spectrum – we learn from our customers, too! They help keep us up to speed with the latest happenings and best practices in the field and their industries.

If you’re unsure where to start in terms of training, just give us a call. We’re readily available for one-on-one conversations and can assess different skill levels and needs or help you build your existing knowledge. For instance, some customers have completed general trainings but would like a tailored or advanced course. Contacting our team is not just about training opportunities – we regularly share information and resources with customers to help them be as successful as possible.

Do you have additional questions about CLIMAX’s training offerings? Contact us today to connect with a CLIMAX expert and determine the best solution for your company.