Forged from 45+ years of flange facing experience, CLIMAX Flange Facer set the global standard for onsite flange facing. Safe, robust, and easy to set-up and run, CLIMAX flange facers provide users with the industry’s most versatile designs. Several of our machines can be configured for facing, milling, or both, and many of our models reface, mill, bevel, square, counterbore, or cut end-prep configurations for welding. With 29 models to choose from, CLIMAX flange facers can tackle an unrivaled range of applications from 0 to 199 inches (0 to 5054 mm).

Here are 3 more great examples of why CLIMAX flange facers are ‘#1 for a Reason’:

  • Safety Features: At CLIMAX we believe it’s our responsibility and priority to continue leading the industry with innovations focused on features that keep our customers safe. User safety has to be the No. 1 priority when machining flanges onsite. “Hands-free” feed, safety interlocks, emergency stops, pinch-point protection, modular lightweight designs, and remote-controlled operations, are critical safety features designed into CLIMAX Flange Facers.
  • CLIMAX Flange Facers are designed for Versatility and Ease of Use: Many of our flange facers are designed with a tool head and tool bit that rotates 360˚, which allows for machining at any angle. This provides flexibility to create a variety of cuts on flanges including chamfers, o-ring grooves, RTJ grooves, lens rings, and other angular surfaces. CLIMAX flange facers are also designed with features like setup fingers, leveling feet, and lightweight modular components that allow for quick alignment and easy setup.
  • Partner with an OEM with a Proven Reputation and Support System: Buying or renting a flange facer also means buying or renting the value that comes from an OEM that can meet all your after-sale needs. CLIMAX is proud to support our customers with unrivaled end-to-end solutions from products, consulting, applications engineering, custom design, training, start-up and commissioning, after-sale service, spare parts, equipment repair and maintenance, and rentals – CLIMAX offers unmatched value in our industry!

While other companies have tried to succeed through imitation, they simply can’t imitate the innovations in safety, performance, and versatility offered by the CLIMAX flange facing portfolio. Contact your local sales representative for more information.