Customer POV: Trust creates opportunities

Customer POV: Trust creates opportunities

No matter the industry, trust is an indispensable quality in relationship building. The partnership between Alaska Roteq and CLIMAX is a prime example of how trust can create mutually beneficial opportunities. As a premier machining service provider in Alaska, Alaska Roteq offers full-service machining capabilities from welding and field machining to mechanics and engineering. With the approaching launch of the FF2400 OD Mount Flange Facer, the second model in the new outer diameter mount flange facer series, CLIMAX knew an ideal candidate for the FF2400. Given their long-standing history, CLIMAX recognized that working with Alaska Roteq would be easy and that the tool could provide unique benefits for their existing and future projects. We visited with Alaska Roteq President Bob Schmidt to learn more about his experience with the FF2400 OD Mount Flange Facer.

“You can imagine our excitement when CLIMAX Strategic Account Manager Bart Rierson told us about the FF2400, since this tool perfectly fits our needs,” said Schmidt. “Because of our established relationship with CLIMAX and our trust in the quality of their tools, we knew we’d be equipped to serve customers immediately.”

Alaska Roteq used the flange facer on two different in-house customer jobs for both gate and choke valves. Previously, it took 6-8 hours to set up and complete such a job using a 60-inch vertical mill. “Comparing efficiency and speed was a main focus for us, so we were very pleased when the FF2400 allowed us to cut the original project time in half,” said Schmidt. “We were able to set-up the tool and complete a re-cut of a ring-type joint in just 3-4 hours.”

Completing a small job with a big machine is difficult to manage. Since the FF2400 OD Mount Flange Facer is appropriately sized, the tool provided an opportunity to easily complete work on smaller jobs. Alaska Roteq was drawn to the FF2400 for its ease of operation, quick set-up and safety. “Our operators were able to clamp the operational panel to the machine itself, allowing the operator to monitor the machine cut and providing immediate access to shut off the tool quickly if necessary,” said Schmidt.

One of the largest valve suppliers in the world recently visited Alaska Roteq to review their capabilities and determine if a future partnership would be a fit. “When they saw the FF2400 in our shop, they were totally impressed,” said Schmidt. “Having this capability under our belt definitely didn’t hurt our qualifications.”

“Overall, the FF2400 provides a consistent finish and has proven to be an asset,” said Schmidt. “We look forward to utilizing the next flange facer in the series and continuing to produce quality results for our customers.”

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