Customer Successes Review: 2014 Highlights

Customer Successes Review: 2014 Highlights

CLIMAX customers do a great job sharing their success stories with us. We seek to help each of our customers be successful, so hearing from them how we’ve contributed to solving problems and completing jobs is gratifying and helps us stay focused on what’s important to our customers.

Our customers, and those thinking about becoming CLIMAX customers, probably first think about both standard and custom-built machining solutions. Those things are certainly important. But it’s clear from comments we get that key to keeping our customers happy are the expertise provided by our engineering consulting services, our customized training programs and our expertise at solving maintenance challenges in a variety of industries. A glance at customer comments from the past year illustrate:

Field Service, Line Boring Machines


  • “…used the Climax boring machine and the Climax key mill…with great success.
  • “…used the Climax BB5000 boring machine…to perform the axle replacement on the Rock Island Dam draft tube gate.
  • “The boring machine worked great and customer service was great also.”

— Knight Construction and Supply, Washington





Industrial: Circular Mills


  • “Once again Climax comes through and knocks the ball out of the park!
  • “Unmatched customer service and the most reliable and accurate portable machines available.
  • “…the customer service and equipment…enable me to complete the job and BEAT my deadline.”

— Nucor Steel, Arkansas




 Shipbuilding: Line Boring Machines


  • “Amazing…really nice tool, really saves time…
  • “…nothing is impossible to do with CLIMAX machines.”

— Al Banna Engineering, Dubai








Construction: Line Boring Machines


  • Boring and welding simultaneously on a Cat 990 loader bucket.”

— Complete Hydraulic Service, Ohio







Field Service: Welding Machines


  • “I need equipment that will run all day, every day.
  • “My CLIMAX Boring Machine and AutoBoreWelder are where versatility and ruggedness meet quality and performance.”

— Midwest Boring Repair, Iowa






What successes will CLIMAX help you achieve in 2015? Share them here.