FAQ: Benefits of the CLIMAX Tool Head

FAQ: Benefits of the CLIMAX Tool Head

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To help our customers stay up to date on the many different ways CLIMAX can support you and your company with upcoming projects, we are sharing another frequently asked question with expertise from our Product Trainer, John Savko.

CUSTOMER: We’re considering the purchase of a CLIMAX flange facer. What are the benefits of having a tool head and tool bit that rotates 360° independently from each other and why is this feature important?

JOHN SAVKO: The majority of flange facers on the market have a fixed tool holder that cannot be rotated independently from the tool head. While this option works well for many customers, it can be limiting in terms of the types of cuts that can be achieved.

CLIMAX recognized the need to provide customers with more options and created a tool swivel and rotating tool head for its flange facer machines — the only such combination on the market. The tool head and tool swivel can be rotated a full 360˚ independently from each other, providing the ability to create a variety of chamfers, O-Ring grooves, lens rings and other angular surfaces as needed. This reduces the need for the majority of form tools which allows the customer to complete the repair in a timely manner.

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