Four months ago, CLIMAX released the larger diameter H&S TOOL Speed Facers, extending the overall range of the machine from 9.2 to 120.5 inches (233.7 – 3060.7 mm). Speed Facers have become the leading choice for portable machining experts around the globe, with optimized drive reduction providing more power and speed for higher metal removal rates and industry-leading safety features like the auto-feed system designed to keep users hands safe from rotating and moving parts.

Millennium Torque & Tensioning (MTT), based near Pittsburgh, PA was faced with a time-sensitive project. Their customer needed someone to machine a 100-inch (2540 mm) crane base flange with the expectation of completing the work in one-shift, with only two days’ notice. Ryan Laitinen, Territory Sales Manager at MTT, said: “If I could find a machine that big on short notice, and get it to the job site, MTT could make it happen”.

On a Tuesday afternoon, Ryan reached out to our CLIMAX experts who worked with MTT to assess the challenge. CLIMAX recommended the new H&S TOOL ODF110 SPEED FACER™. The machine arrived on the job-site Thursday morning at 6:00 am. “After a couple of hours unloading and floating the machine to a barge in the middle of the Delaware River, we were set up and dialed in by 10:00 am and started cutting after lunch!” says Ryan.

“Powered with a hydraulic motor and tooling from a CLIMAX FF6300 flange facer, the machine cut as smooth as butter. We made two passes and confirmed that the surface was smooth and flat (63 Ra finish)!” says Ryan. The machine was disassembled, barged back to land and loaded on the truck by 6:00 pm.

“Needless to say, our customer was absolutely astounded and will be giving us repeat business! The H&S TOOL ODF110 SPEED FACER™ is a top-notch machine and we certainly look forward to the next opportunity to use it!” says Ryan.

The H&S TOOL SPEED FACER™ is now available in pneumatic or hydraulic, and available for purchase or rent world-side! Contact us to learn more about the H&S TOOL SPEED FACER™ or to determine the right flange facing solution for your business.

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