The Top Ten Portable Machine Tools of Choice – Tool No. 5

The Top Ten Portable Machine Tools of Choice – Tool No. 5

What’s in your toolbox? The H&S TOOL AFC Clamshell.

Continuing our weekly series on the most versatile portable machine tools we asked the questions: Are you starting a new field machining company or division? Expanding your existing operation? Are you a general contractor or owner operator looking to self-perform mechanical maintenance onsite? While industry and geography will factor into what equipment would be ideal for your toolbox, we asked our Global Application Engineers and Field Machining Experts to suggest a list of tools they might purchase first if they had to start up their own field machining operation.

The last four weeks, we recommended the following tools:

      1. The CLIMAX BB5000 Line Boring Machine
      2. The CLIMAX FF5300 Flange Facer
      3. The BORTECH BW3000 Auto Bore Welder
      4. The CLIMAX KM3000 Key Mill


This week our field machining experts recommended the H&S TOOL AFC Clamshell Pipe Cutting Machine.



Global Training Manager

The H&S TOOL Clamshells are very versatile tools. These pipe severing and weld prep machines can also be a platform for specialty turning and facing when working around obstructions. Every portable machining ‘toolbox’ should have a set of H&S TOOL Clamshells covering the most common pipe size ranges.


Applications Engineer and Technical Trainer

Another series covering a huge range with multiple power options, tool slide lengths, counterbore heads, variety of standard cutting blades, and can even make custom cutting blades.

A classic design that’s well supported by the OEM. If you need rental or spare parts, these machines are typically available and on the shelf!


Applications Engineer and Technical Trainer

The H&S TOOL Clamshells are rated for a working range 8-inches (203.2 mm) down from the size of the machine compared to 2-inches (50.8 mm) from several of our competitors. This was done to accommodate commonly worked on pipe sizes with one machine, with a powerful bulletproof design, and a machine that technicians can get several years of usage.


Applications Engineer for the Middle East

Our customers in the Middle East ask us for these machines all the time, specifically, up to the AFC-36. All H&S TOOL Clamshells are powerful and can cut any material type. The stackable extension pads allow for greater flexibility on the larger sizes and the thicker body makes these machines very rigid.


Applications Engineer and Technical Trainer

The steal track ring mounted on the main body provides strength which avoids ring deflection. The H&S TOOL Clamshells have more bearings per linear inch, providing a stronger more rigid machine that enables the operator to cut and bevel tough heavy wall pipe.


Lead Clamshell Technician

These machines are stout! I’ve seen these machines cut a 37/10-degree bevel on a 12-inch OD pipe, 3-inches thick with no problem. I like the modularity of these machines. Aside from the tripper set up, extension pads, and motor adapter, every component is interchangeable between the Clamshell machines. This is ideal for operators with multiple machines because they can share so many components, without the need for a huge inventory of parts and accessories.

Our engineers gathered information from field operators around the world to design a machine that balances the unique combination of accuracy, strength, and ease of handling. The H&S TOOL Clamshells provide users with a safer, more user-friendly solution for your pipe cutting and end-prep applications.

Contact us for more information on the H&S TOOL AFC Clamshell. Stay tuned as next week we unveil the next most popular portable machine tool chosen by our Application Engineering and Portable Machining Experts.