The Top Ten Portable Machine Tools of Choice – Tool No. 4

The Top Ten Portable Machine Tools of Choice – Tool No. 4

What’s in your toolbox? The CLIMAX KM3000 Key Mill.

Continuing our weekly series on the most versatile portable machine tools we asked the questions: Are you starting a new field machining company or division? Expanding your existing operation? Are you a general contractor or owner operator looking to self-perform mechanical maintenance onsite? While industry and geography will factor into what equipment would be ideal for your toolbox, we asked our Global Application Engineers and Field Machining Experts to suggest a list of tools they might purchase first if they had to start up their own field machining operation.

The last three weeks, we recommended the following tools:

      1. The CLIMAX BB5000 Line Boring Machine
      2. The CLIMAX FF5300 Flange Facer
      3. The BORTECH BW3000 Auto Bore Welder


This week our field machining experts recommended the CLIMAX KM3000 Key Mill.

#4 – The CLIMAX KM3000 Key Mill

Global Training Manager

The KM3000 Key Mill is the machine that pioneered our industry. It’s a brilliant machine that has held its value to field machinists since the 1960s!  The KM3000 is a small but versatile milling machine that can be used in more applications other than just key cutting.

Applications Engineer and Technical Trainer

The KM3000 Key Mill is a small compact machine that can be set up, perform the job, and dismantled in less than 9 minutes. Not only does it make quick work of cutting new keyways, but it can also perform jobs like cutting slots for a motor mount, cutting ID keyways, cutting slots in large tubing, and cutting flats across a shaft or pipe using the optional cross slide adapter. It can even be used to drill and ream holes in tight clearance areas where a mag base drill will fit.

Applications Engineer and Technical Trainer

The KM3000 Key Mill can accommodate repairs on commonly worn keyways for shafts from .75 to 10.5 inches in diameter. Combined with a BORTECH Auto Bore Welder, and CLIMAX Portable Lathe field machinists can repair almost any shaft onsite.

Applications Engineer for the Middle East

The KM3000 is a small machine yet shockingly powerful. I really like how the Keymill can be easily adapted for milling as well combined with the CLIMAX PM4200 portable milling machine. This machine is sure to save users time and money!

Applications Engineer and Technical Trainer

The KM3000 is a very versatile machine, saving the customer tons of time by avoiding the problem of having to disassemble large stationary equipment and ship it offsite. Simply mount to the workpiece, and the CLIMAX Keymill is cutting in a matter of minutes.

The CLIMAX KM3000 Key Mill is the tool that started it all more than 50 years ago! Small but rugged, this portable machine tool can cut full-depth keyways or mill flats quickly!

Contact us for more information on the CLIMAX KM3000 Key Mill. Stay tuned as next week we unveil the next most popular portable machine tool chosen by our Application Engineering and Portable Machining Experts.