Welding Quick Tips: Torch Extension Support Kit

Welding Quick Tips: Torch Extension Support Kit

Are Multiple Inline Bores an Issue Due to Torch Sag?
By Tom Boucher, Applications Engineer/Technical Support at CLIMAX – March 2023

Do you ever need to reach long distances with your bore welder? Have you encountered torch sag? Torch sag can occur when your bore welder is mounted in the horizontal position and the torch extends beyond 39 inches (990.6 mm). In this scenario, the bore welder adapter kit (when interfaced with the boring bar) and the adjustable base (when used with the bore welder only) cannot provide the necessary adjustments to counter the sag.

CLIMAX offers a torch extension support kit for the BORTECH auto bore welders to counter the sag and support the torch extension system. Two different kits are available to accommodate the different styles of bore welders:

  • The BW1000 and BW2600 auto-bore welders use the Headless Torch Extension Kit (PN 40877). This kit is for bore welders using a swivel head to adjust the torch.
  • The BW3000 auto bore welders use the Torch Extension Kit with Offset Head (PN 33256). This kit is for bore welders using an offset head to adjust the torch.

The BORTECH auto bore welders are available for sale or rent. We also offer customized training at our site or yours. Get in touch by calling us at +1-503-538-2185 or fill out our contact form to find out if CLIMAX’s training programs or portable machining and welding solutions are right for you!

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