H&S TOOL Enhances the Most Powerful and Versatile ID-Mounted Tube Beveler Line-up in the Industry with the Addition of the New BG50 BOILER GUN   

H&S TOOL, the top brand in tube/pipe cutting and beveling tools for more than 40 years, is excited to announce that the new BG50 BOILER GUN™ is now available for purchase or rent.

The BG50 BOILER GUN™ has a working range of 1 inch ID to 5.562 inches OD (25.4 ID to 141.2 OD mm). Field proven and armed with the most power in the industry, the BG50 BOILER GUN™ can bevel, square, face, and perform other machining operations on a wide range of tube and pipe sizes.

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Powerful performance:

  • The BG50 BOILER GUN™ delivers 1.3 HP, making it the most powerful tube beveler in its class.
  • With multiple power options and RPM ranges available, the BG50 BOILER GUN™ can cover a wider range of applications more effectively.

The high-velocity (HV) option makes quick work of lighter wall tubing, and the low-velocity (LV) option provides more torque for heavy-wall alloy tubes.

BG-VIDEO-LINK-with-Border325x216Unmatched versatility:

  • Elbow mandrels, facing attachments, and other available accessories increase the BG50’s capability to tackle applications such as fin removal, hand hole cap removal, stub removal, and flange facing.
  • With fixed and sliding tool holders, the BG50 BOILER GUN™ allows the operator to use the right tooling for each application.
  • The BG50 BOILER GUN™ gives users the best and quickest clamping capability for any application with two different locking systems:
    • The enhanced wedge design integrates captured retained springs, allowing for the quick change of wedge extensions and preventing loss of springs. The new speed wheel allows for faster wedge expansion in confined spaces.
    • The H&S ANCHOR GRIP™ collet system provides superior gripping for applications like stub removal, light-wall tubing that can’t be deformed, and tubing that can’t be contaminated with falling debris.

Easier to use:

  • The crank feed enables a fast and consistent feed for tough applications such as stub removal or for production work.
  • The BG50 BOILER GUN™ is 10 – 20% lighter than most ID-mounted tools in its range.

A finer feed screw makes it easier for users to advance the feed, putting less burden on the operator.

In my opinion, any of the new H&S TOOL Boiler Guns would be an asset to any tube or pipe machining project. They bring robust and consistent power throughout the cut, which reduces chatter and gives you a good clean cut. Whether using the LV models for tougher, thicker alloys or the HV models for your easier cuts you can be sure the H&S TOOL Boiler Guns will deliver.

The crank feed is a critical feature that has helped several of my customers while working on stub removal projects; it delivers the consistent pressure needed to cut through welds in a Header. The Boiler Guns give users the flexibility to use one tool with the ability to machine a weld, remove stubs, and machine the seat, and with the crank feed these machines are truly unrivaled in the industry.”

Rich Clifford, President, R.L Clifford and Associates, Inc.

Now available for purchase or rent!

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