Grow your Business with Rental Tools from CLIMAX | H&S TOOL

Grow your Business with Rental Tools from CLIMAX | H&S TOOL

For the last 25 years, renting CLIMAX | H&S TOOL products has become increasingly popular. Today, we have 19 Rental Depots across the globe, offering our full complement of portable machining and welding equipment.

With companies continuing to manage their balance sheets closely, making capital investments can be a challenge. Contracts and bids are increasingly uncertain, requiring competing companies to be operationally and financially flexible. Renting can be a great solution.

Some of the benefits of renting are:

  • Maximizing the Utilization of Your Existing Equipment – Renting to supplement your current portable machining or welding products.
  • Financial Flexibility – Renting allows you to invest your money to grow profitably.
  • Less Maintenance, Repair, and Downtime.
  • Minimizing Transporting Equipment Costs and Logistics Hassles – These costs can be cumbersome depending on the size and location of the equipment.
  • Compliance with Government and Environmental Regulations – Renting equipment that complies with the growing number of environmental and safety regulations.
  • Try out the Newest Technologies – Renting is a great option to test drive new technologies to ensure the product is right for your company and application.

CLIMAX | H&S TOOL rental depots offer more than 70 different portable machining & welding systems to choose from. Our technicians are professionally trained, and we replace our core rental products every two to three years to ensure the quality and reliability of the products you are renting.

There are many considerations when making the decision to rent or own, and we encourage you to contact your CLIMAX | H&S TOOL Sales Representative to help make the best decision for your company. Click here to view our rental brochure, then call +1.503.538.2185 or e-mail us at [email protected] today to reserve your rental machine.