Technical Tips from Tim VanBergen: Low Clearance Application

Technical Tips from Tim VanBergen: Low Clearance Application

When planning a machining or welding job, there are dozens of questions customers ask. To help our customers stay up to date on machining techniques Tim VanBergen, our Senior Rental & Repair Specialist, shares frequently asked questions he hears from his customers.

We had a customer that needed additional clearance between two features on a Caterpillar excavator. They were using a CLIMAX BB4500 line boring machine, and the total width from the face of the bearing, to the backside of the mounting plate and mounting screws were just over 4-inches. They needed to gain approximately 1-inch for the bearing arm to fit in this space.

Tim instructed the customer to remove the spherical bearing and flip it around, so the spherical area of the bearing was inside the mounting plate.

See how Tim guided the customer through this.


State of the Art in Pressure Relief Valve Testing - See it LIVE!

40 years ago, CALDER began manufacturing Valve Testers because founder, John Emmitte, realized that companies were not testing valves properly.  Now there’s a new lineup of state-of-the-art pressure relief valve testers that will once again raise the bar with unrivaled performance and ease of use.

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