What’s New: More options for OD-mount flange facers

What’s New: More options for OD-mount flange facers

We know that our customers constantly face new challenges. New machines from CLIMAX help combat these challenges: The line of outer-diameter-mount (OD) Flange Facers introduced last fall provides a more convenient solution to small flange facing.

Releasing today is the FF2400 OD Mount Flange Facer, providing the same advances safety, versatility, durability and performance as the FF1200, but sized to machine flanges up to 24.5 inches (622.3 mm) in diameter. The OD Mount Flange Facer gives operators a wide range of machining options all in one package. When machining small-diameter flanges, operators can accomplish jobs up to 30 percent faster compared to any other flange facer on the market. From its ability to machine up to seven different flange types to its highly customizable features, this tool can do just about anything.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and Versatile: The OD Mount Flange Facer can machine seven types of flanges right out of the box, with no extra attachments required. The automatic and variable feed rate come standard, which provides a host of benefits including time savings, easy machining of various types of materials and a high-quality surface finish. In addition, the tool head rotates to any angle and includes standard preset angles of 0, 23 and -23 degrees.

Seven flange types include:

– Flat Face

– Raised Face

– Ring Type Joints (RTJ)

– Tongue & Groove

– Lens Ring

– Grayloc (hub profile)

– Compact Flanges (Key benefit to customers in the North Sea region)

  • Industry-Changing Safety: CLIMAX’s CE-certified OD Mount Flange Facer is meticulously engineered with safety in mind, setting a new bar for keeping operators safe and productive. The feed control is located on the outside of the machine, keeping the operator’s hands away from moving parts and preventing injuries. The emergency stop allows for quick stops and controlled re-starts. The low-pressure drop-out prevents unintended restarts after loss of supplied air pressure.
  • High-Quality, Robust Design: The high-quality design of the OD Mount Flange Facer means it is built to last and backed by the CLIMAX commitment to creating the highest quality tools on the market. An engineered hard stop is built in, so there is no broken shear pin in the event of a crash. When the machine reaches its hard stop, it can quickly and simply be reset to keep projects moving. The robust chucking mechanism and unique bearing design provide superior rigidity and machining performance. The feed rate can also be adjusted remotely, allowing for flexibility in the finish type desired.

The six-step setup process is quick and easy. An experienced operator can typically mount the machine to a flange, center and level it, and start cutting in about 30 minutes. Then, once it’s in operation, the FF2400 can machine tough applications from pipe-to-pipe connections, valve flanges, flat flange rework, RTJ rework, heat exchanges, boiler and vessels, hub machining, manway doors, and column inlets and outlets.

In addition to serving customers worldwide across all different industries, we know that our customers in the oil and gas sector face a different set of challenges that require specific repair and maintenance equipment to adhere to industry requirements and get the job done efficiently. Leak-tight, high-quality flanges are crucial for oil and gas projects and applications. Replacing corroded or damaged flanges is potentially hazardous and could mean unscheduled downtime. The CLIMAX OD Mount Flange Facer is here to help.

Does the FF2400 OD Mount Flange Facer sound like the perfect tool for your project or company? Be among the first to share your success story – it’s ready to ship today! Contact us to learn more about the product or to determine the right flange facing solution for your business.