The new SPEED FACERS! See what industry experts are saying

The new SPEED FACERS! See what industry experts are saying


Learn why industry experts are raving about these machines.
101216_speed-facer2_300x300“I found the Speed Facer to be extremely user friendly with the ability to produce a wide range of surface finishes. The safety factor for these machines are huge with the hands free auto feed, enclosed belt covers, and well-designed E-STOP. Overall, the Speed Facer is more stout and solid. The larger tooling, .750 shank indexable holder is a nice improvement for increased rigidity.”
Donald Shaffer – Lead Machinist, Team | Furmanite

101216_speed-facer6_300x300“These are great machines. The first time I used the ODF60 Speed Facer, it was super easy to set up and the machine ran perfectly – I can’t wait to use it again!”
Otis Anglin – Project Manager,

101216_speed-facer3_300x300“H&S Tool really did a great job listening to the marketplace and keeping these flange facers simple, with added features that keep up with growing customer finish requirements. The auto-feed will eliminate manual feed inconsistencies due to user error, and the multiple feed trippers will allow users to make more aggressive cuts.”
Ronny Stafford – Regional Sales Manager, CLIMAX | H&S Tool
(25+ years of Field Machining experience)

101216_speed-facer5_300x300“I’ve rented the H&S Tool 50″, 60″ & 70″ OD mount Speed Facers. The ease of use, set up and surface finish achieved with this equipment is second to none. These machines have exceeded all of my expectations, and will be my equipment of choice for many years to come. Thank you H&S Tool for offering such a quality product”
James Ellis – Regional Operations Manager, Bolttech Mannings.

101216_speed-facer7_300x300“What sets the H&S Tool Speed Facer apart, is the ease and efficiency of setup with innovative leveling fingers, combined with axial, radial, and back facing auto feed capabilities. Those options, along with the variable feed rate, allows for the most consistent surface finish in the industry. My customers are going to love this machine!”
Tim Rhodus – Regional Sales Manager for Gulf Region,
CLIMAX | H&S Tool.
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