Tube Rolling & Expanding Equipment: Available for Rent!

Tube Rolling & Expanding Equipment: Available for Rent!


H&S TOOL, has been a leading global manufacturer of tube/pipe cutting and beveling tools for more than 40 years. At H&S TOOL, when you rent Tube Rolling & Expanding Equipment for your retubing or resealing projects, our experts will walk you through the requirements needed for your application to ensure you are getting the right equipment for the job.

  • Do you need straight rolls?
  • Do you need flare rolls?
  • How about a beading expander?
  • Do you have a large job requiring a lot of equipment?


We have it all!

H&S TOOL has one of the largest Tube Rolling & Expanding equipment rental fleets in the USA, covering the most common and unique sized condenser tubes. Rental equipment is typically available to ship the same day, so receiving your equipment is only a call away. We repair, test, and stock Tube Rolling & Expanding equipment in our Ohio H&S TOOL factory, to ensure all machines, are delivered ready to perform.

John Gajovski our Senior Technician and certified rolling equipment tester has more than 36 years of technical experience. He functionally tests each machine to ensure it meets the required crush rating prior to shipment.

Tube Rolling & Expanding Equipment

The tube rolling & expanding equipment is compact, powerful and reliable. The pneumatic powered rolling motors range from small 1,000 rpm models, for condenser tubes, up to larger units that produce 600 ft-lbs (821.1 N·m) of torque, for high-pressure boiler tubes.

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CLIMAX | H&S TOOL rental products are the safest, highest performing and most versatile tools in the industry and backed by a vast global customer service and support network. For more information call +1-503-538-2185 or click here for more information on the full range of products and services.