In Part 1 last week, we learned that the set-up procedure is the most important part of line boring. However, properly inspecting your bore after you’ve completed a machining or repair job is also critical to ensuring a high-quality result. We followed up with CLIMAX Product Trainer John Savko to learn more about the importance of and details behind bore inspection.

Why is it important to properly inspect the bore?

It’s important to know the exact size of the bore being machined in order to repair the bore effectively. The tolerances for a press-fit bushing or a slip-fit pin can be very tight, so the diameter must fall within the specified tolerance. If an operator does not inspect the bore accurately, then the repair will not be sustainable in the field, therefore requiring another repair in the near future – which is never fun!

What are the top things operators should know about bore inspection?

There are three key things to keep in mind:

  1. Bore inspection must be accurate and repeatable.
  2. Verify accuracy with more than one tool. This will ensure that they are in calibration with one another and have not been damaged.

Measure twice, cut once.

Many traditional methods for inspecting a bore require breaking down an entire machine, which can be expensive and inefficient. How does CLIMAX’s inspection process differ from traditional methods?

CLIMAX offers tools to make the inspection process easier and quicker for operators. With CLIMAX tools, we’re able to measure the bore accurately and quickly without disturbing the machine. The exact size of a bore can be measured without changing boring bar setup, which is a huge benefit.

What tools does CLIMAX offer to make the inspection process easier?

The CLIMAX Bore Measuring Tool is designed to work with boring bars from 1.25 to 2.25 inches (38.1 – 57.2 mm) in diameter. It features a digital slide scale and a “V” style mounting base.

The tool clamps onto the boring bar while the bar remains installed in the work piece. The operator is able to take precise measurements on the work piece without removing the boring bar, even in hard-to-reach places. Once set, the tool determines the dimension from the center of the bar to the tip of the tool bit (or the inside of the bore), saving time by allowing multiple measurements without complicated adjustments.

The CLIMAX Digital Bore Measuring Caliper allows you to measure up to 10 or 24 inches (254 or 609.6 mm) around your line boring equipment. This precision tool provides accurate readings of the bore without removing the bar and also allows outside measuring, saving time and money.







Congratulations! You’ve completed the bore inspection process. Now what?

Once complete, the ideal end result is to fall well within the tolerance of your bore so that the machine is back in operation sooner. An accurate and proper inspection will result in a better and longer-lasting repair job. Now it’s time to install the new pins or bushings!

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