MACHINING QUICK TIPS: Appropriately Sized Extension Cords

MACHINING QUICK TIPS: Appropriately Sized Extension Cords

Using Appropriately Sized Extension Cords for Your Motor
By David Briggs, Sr. Controls Engineer at CLIMAX – September 2021

Portable machine tools are frequently used in remote locations, sometimes requiring the use of a long extension cord to bring electrical power to your machine. Using an appropriately sized extension cord not only avoids the risk of overheating the cord but will also help your machine to run better. Undersized power cables can cause voltage drop, making your machine draw more current, run slower, and heat up faster. To select an extension cord with the correct size conductors, you must know the load (amps) that your machine will draw and the required length of the cord. Click here to view selection charts for a variety of single-phase and three-phase voltages.

If you have questions or would like assistance in selecting an appropriate extension cord for your application, contact us today – We are here to help.

About the Author: David Briggs is the Senior Controls Engineer at CLIMAX, the world’s foremost manufacturer of portable machining, welding, and valve testing equipment. For the past 20 years, David has been working closely with on-site machinists, helping them to be successful in their most challenging projects. 

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