FIT-UP PRO By Mathey Dearman

FIT-UP PRO By Mathey Dearman

CLIMAX, the industry’s leading manufacturer of portable machining, welding, and valve testing systems, is excited to merge with S.F.E. Group, based in Houston, Texas. S.F.E offers the world’s most comprehensive range of pipe fabrication, orbital welding, and cutting solutions. Together, these companies will now offer the widest range of specialized machining, welding, and fabrication equipment.

We are pleased to introduce FIT-UP PRO by Mathey Dearman to our loyal CLIMAX customer base. The FIT-UP PRO brand offers onsite solutions for the growing demand for fit-up, alignment, and layout tool applications.

As an OEM, S.F.E. Group prides itself on being renowned with the FIT-UP PRO brand not only for its history in pipe fitting tools but also for the continuous innovations and the overall comprehensiveness of this range of fit-up, alignment, and layout tools, including external and internal pipe clamps, welding wedges, flange spreaders and flange aligning tools and a wide variety of pipe layout and marking tools.



FIT-UP PRO’s products, from pipe marking and alignment tools to scissor clamps, are available from the international S.F.E. Group branches on four continents and from S.F.E. Group’s extensive and continuously expanding global network of partners and distributors. Contact a FIT-UP PRO sales manager for your orbital cutting, bevelling, and welding applications.

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