In 2021, we see more plants, refineries, mining operations, and production and maintenance facilities adopting requirements to utilize hands-free machining equipment. These operations understand their risks and how using CLIMAX and H&S TOOL equipment can mitigate hazards associated with operating rotating equipment.

“Tools that are designed to be hands-free are always a safer option, as you can see in this video. Hands-free machining also provides a much more consistent surface finish compared to manual feed finishes. Any time you can keep an operator away from a moving component during operation, you are minimizing the threat of a serious injury.”

– Jim Miller, Global Training Manager

Seeing is believing! Check out these videos to see for yourself the safety and productivity advantages of hands-free machining compared to manual-feed operation:


“Along with remote feed controls and hands-free machining, our Low-Pressure Safety Interlock is a unique feature that reduces the hidden danger of an unexpected start-up. In factory settings or in the field, there can be many things that cause an interruption to the airflow. In these situations, the Low-Pressure Safety Interlock activates, shutting off the system. When airflow returns to the unit, it will not start until the operator deliberately starts it up again, as shown in the video. No dangerous surprises!”

– Jim Miller, Global Training Manager

We understand that most safety hazards arise from human error and environmental factors. That’s why CLIMAX l H&S TOOL products are designed to be hands-free, user-friendly, and mistake-proof to the highest degree possible. Here are some of the innovative safety features CLIMAX l H&S TOOL deliver to help you and your people stay safe on the job:

  • Feed controls located on the outside of machines mean no more reaching in!
  • Emergency Stop (E-Stop) for quick stops and controlled re-starts
  • Low-Pressure Safety Interlock prevents unintended re-starts after the loss of supplied air pressure
  • Feed rates can be adjusted while the machine is running – no need to stop or change parts to adjust the feed rate
  • Remote on/off control of feed systems keeps operators hands away from moving parts
  • Multiple lifting points available for lifting in all orientations to simplify balancing and rigging challenges for easier and safer machine positioning
  • Auto-feed systems keep operators hands safe from moving parts and keep the job running smoothly
  • Bearing guards protect the operator from exposed pinch points and mechanical entanglement hazards and keep chips and debris out of the bearing and drive systems for increased durability and precision
  • CLIMAX | H&S TOOL products meet or exceed all safety and quality requirements of the CE standard
  • Our expert training, applications engineering, and tech support are standing by to support the safe and efficient use of your CLIMAX | H&S TOOL equipment world-wide

“At CLIMAX | H&S TOOL, user safety is our number one priority. Industry safety standards and regulations have been steadily increasing, and we expect this trend to continue in the future everywhere onsite machining is performed. Rather than finding yourself behind in these safety requirements in the future and spending a lot of your time and money trying to retrofit and catch up, why not get ahead of the safety trend now by choosing CLIMAX | H&S TOOL products? We’re the company at the forefront of innovation in safety technology and industry best practices. You and your people deserve the superior performance, quality, and safety inherent in all CLIMAX | H&S products. Get your portable machining equipment from a company that cares enough to design, build and support the highest-quality tools in the industry. And – please! – always get proper training and diligently adhere to equipment operating instructions, regulations, and industry best practices when machining!”

– Tom Cunningham, CEO

While other companies have tried to succeed through imitation, they simply can’t imitate the innovations in safety, performance, and versatility offered by the CLIMAX flange facing portfolio. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

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