Causes of Shaft Seal Leaks in Char-Lynn S Series Hydraulic Motors

Causes of Shaft Seal Leaks in Char-Lynn S Series Hydraulic Motors

David Briggs

MACHINING QUICK TIPS: Causes of Shaft Seal Leaks in Char-Lynn S Series Hydraulic Motors

By David Briggs, Sr. Controls Engineer at CLIMAX – July 2021

I have been using Char-Lynn hydraulic motors for over 30 years, long before I came to work at CLIMAX. These motors are simple in design, well built, rugged, and very reliable. Even the most reliable motors can sometimes have failures. Although not very often, oil leakage at the shaft seal is the most common failure on these motors.

You will see even fewer failure rates on these motors when used with the CLIMAX hydraulic power units (HPU). The CLIMAX HPU’s are designed to have low pressure in the return lines. You will also find the CLIMAX machines do not run continuously for long periods under conditions that contribute to premature seal failure.

The most common causes of premature shaft seal failure are:

  1. Exceeding the maximum rated oil flow through the motor
  2. Exceeding the maximum rated pressure
  3. High oil temperature
  4. High pressure on the return side of the hydraulic circuit
  5. Internal wear of the hydraulic motor

By far, the most common cause of shaft seal leaks is that the motor is worn out and is leaking excessive amounts of hydraulic oil into the low-pressure side of the housing. Click here for more details on common causes of premature shaft seal failure and learn how you can test to see if your motor is worn out.

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If you have questions concerning the causes of shaft seal leakage, contact the experts at [email protected].

About the Author: David Briggs is the Senior Controls Engineer at CLIMAX, the world’s foremost manufacturer of portable machining, welding, and valve testing equipment. For the past 20 years, David has been working closely with on-site machinists, helping them to be successful in their most challenging projects. 

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