Manufacturing in Focus Magazine, November 2018:  In May of 2016, Business in Focus wrote about CLIMAX Portable Machining and Welding Systems. At the time, it was celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. There has since been a lot of progress, and once again, we had the pleasure of speaking with the Corporate Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dave Baker and President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Cunningham.

Business at CLIMAX is booming. “We have invested several million dollars in our global rental equipment fleet and rental operations. In the past threes years, we have launched more than sixty new standard products across all our brands,” says Tom.

In addition to tackling twenty-five to thirty custom design projects each year. CLIMAX has increased its manufacturing capacity by more than twenty-five percent and invested in new factory equipment and technology, all in the U.S.

Commercial operations from the U.S. were decentralized two years ago, as CLIMAX opened regional headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region in Singapore, the Middle East in Dubai, and the UK in Stockport, in addition to existing German headquarters serving Europe. Last year, it opened a satellite sales office in Johannesburg to serve the continent of Africa. More offices are expected to open this year.

“We have added to our direct sales and customer service teams in all these regions. Additionally, since our decentralization, we have more than doubled our global network of factory-authorized reps. We’ve also doubled the number of global rental depot locations and invested several million dollars in additional rental fleet.” says Tom.

The cultivation of new business, development of strategic accounts, and overall care of its customers in these regions have gone very well. The aim is to provide complete, end-to-end, local service everywhere the company operates. At this point, it has achieved this, and each region is now full capable and forecasting twenty to thirty percent annual sales growth.

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