Does big jobs in tight spots. Mounts to the end of the work piece, requires minimal clearance, and re-turns both straight and tapered shafts precisely. Its turning bar is easily adjusted for reach, turning radius and obstacle clearance on projects with shaft diameters ranging from 8 to 24 inches (203.2 to 609.6 mm).

Our product line has grown to exceed over 40 on-site machine tools: line boring machines, bore welders, flange facers, portable mills, and advanced valve testing systems. Additionally, to support our global customer base we have well over 2,500 tools available in our rental fleet.

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Max. Turning Reach:
27 inches (685.8 mm)

Shaft Diameter:
8 – 24 inches (203.2 – 609.6 mm)

Power Option:

Low Profile

Requires only 12.75 inches (323.8 mm) of radial turning clearance so you can work in tight spots.

Powerful and Precise

Performs all turning operations along 24.75 inches (628.7 mm) of shaft. Cuts tapers up to 2.5 inches per foot (63.5 mm per 304.8 mm) on diameter.

Turns shafts from 8.0 – 24.0 inches (203.2 – 609.6 mm). (This machine works within a 12.0 inch (304.8 mm) diameter space around the shaft, and 24.0 inches (609.6 mm) from the end of the shaft, or 27.0 inches (685.8 mm) with optional extender.)