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Interesting news and online content from the week: 2014 Rental Market to Reach $36.6 Billion ( All the signs point to 2014 being another growth year for the equipment rental market. Analyst Expects Construction Will Be ‘The Place to Be’ In 12 to 18 Months ( Analyst says housing and private nonresidential construction will make the US light-equipment market the envy of the world in 2015 Susquehanna Reactor Shut Down to Inspect Turbine Blades for Cracks (Nuclear Street) Workers will conduct other maintenance while the reactor is offline. Hydroelectric Power Makes Big Comeback at US Dams (Dallas-Fort Worth Times) Power companies are proposing new projects to take advantage of government financial incentives, policies that promote renewable energy Halliburton Opens Multi-Chem Facility in Louisiana (Offshore mag.) New facility will help meet Gulf of Mexico market business demands and provide expanded local service capabilities. Maintaining Healthy Hands on the Job (American Machinist) When dealing with tough soils every day, machinists need to use hand cleaners and conditioners made for the grease and grit they encounter on the job.


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