FF1200 O.D. Mount Flange Facer

FF1200 OD Mount Flange Facer

This safe, versatile and rugged OD Mount Flange Facer can machine 7 flange types up to 12.5 inches (317.5 mm) in diameter without any attachments. Designed for the rugged challenges of the Oil, Gas & Chemical industry, this machine sets a new standard in operator safety while delivering up to 30% time savings on flange facing jobs.

Unique features include:

  • Feed controls located on the outside of the machine – no more reaching in!
  • E-stop for quick stops & controlled re-starts
  • Low pressure drop-out prevent unintended re-starts after loss of supplied air pressure
  • Automatic and variable feed rate comes standard on both Radial and Axial axes
  • Feed rates can be adjusted while machine is running – no need to stop, change direction, or change parts to adjust the feed rate

Without ANY attachments, this machine can handle machining of these flange types:

  • Flat face
  • Raised face
  • Ring type joints (RTJ)
  • Tongue & groove
  • Lens ring
  • Grayloc® (hub profile)
  • Compact flanges

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Facing Diameters:
0 – 12.5 inches (0 – 317.5 mm)

Milling Diameters:

ID Mounting Diameters:

OD Mounting Diameters:
2 – 14.1 inches (50.8 – 358.1 mm)

Power Options:

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