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The new FF5300 Flange Facer’s innovative design and heavy-duty turning arms allow users to perform a greater variety of cuts with a larger selection of tooling options.

  • The tool holder accepts up to 0.5 inches (12.7 mm) square shank tooling for use with HSS and carbide.
  • Both HSS and carbide tooling produce great results while machining diameters from 5.7 to 40 inches (144.8 to 1016 mm).
  • The cutting head assembly allows the user to make manual adjustments without using hand tools.
  • The two heavy-duty machining arms and base chassis have been designed with high rigidity and an advanced vibrational damping system to virtually eliminate mechanical chatter and thus achieve ultra-high precision and surface quality, over the FULL range of the machine and even when using carbide cutting bits.
  • The degree markings are clearly defined making them easy to read, while the tool head and tool bit can rotate 360° which allows for machining and positioning at any angle. This provides users with the flexibility to create a variety of cuts including chamfers, 0-ring grooves, RTJ grooves, lens rings, beveling, and other angled surfaces.
  • All CLIMAX flange facers are uniquely designed for pulling the cutting tool versus pushing the tool. This allows for a smoother, more consistent finish and increases the life of the tooling.

Are you looking for a flange facer:

  • That will save you money with the value of two flange facers for the price of one?
  • That’s more compact and actually performs out to the FULL advertised facing range?
  • That can be used for more applications?
  • That’s easier to set up and operate?
  • That’s safer to use?

Look no further! Forged from four decades of flange facing experience, the FF5300 Flange Facer provides unrivaled portable machining performance. Contact us today at +1 503-538-2185 to learn more about the product.



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