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101216_Speed-Facer7_325x216At CLIMAX | H&S TOOL, we believe it’s our responsibility and priority to continue leading the industry with innovations focused on features that keep our customers safe. Less than one year ago, H&S TOOL introduced the new line of Speed Facers to the global portable machining industry. These machines were designed with safety and productivity-enhancing features that clearly separate them from anything else available on the market today.

H&S TOOL offers 5 models of Speed Facer, sized for machine flanges up to 30.5, 40.5, 50.5, 60.5, or 70.5 inches (774.7, 1028.7, 1282.7, 1536.7, or  1790.7 mm). The 1.35 hp pneumatic motor, has optimized drive reduction, and provides more power and speed, resulting in higher metal removal rates. The auto-feed system, bearing guards, and E-stop keeps operators’ hands safe from rotating and moving parts as well as from pinch points. The customized setup fingers and leveling feet allow the operator to easily set up the machine, going from crate to cut in less than 15 minutes.

101216_speed-facer2_300x300“I found the Speed Facer to be extremely user friendly with the ability to produce a wide range of surface finishes. The safety factor for these machines are huge with the hands free auto feed, enclosed belt covers, and well-designed E-STOP. Overall, the Speed Facer is more stout and solid. The larger tooling, .750 shank indexable holder is a nice improvement for increased rigidity.”

Donald Shaffer – Lead Machinist, Team | Furmanite

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