Five questions to ask when choosing portable machine tools

Five questions to ask when choosing portable machine tools

BIC Magazine, August 2017

When purchasing portable machine tools (PMTs), the top concerns have to be safety, quality, durability, performance, versatility, ease of use, and – ultimately – total cost of ownership and return on your investment. We invite you to ask these five critical questions when purchasing a PMT:

101216_Speed-Facer7_325x216How safe is the tool? Are you using the safest tools available? User safety has to be the No. 1 priority anytime you are machining on-site. „Hands-free“ feed, safety interlocks, protection from pinch points and remote-controlled operation are all reasons why the new H&S TOOL OD Mount Speed Facer is unlike any other product in its class. CLIMAX | H&S TOOL is well known for being a definitive industry leader, developing tools that are safe to use.

Will the tool last and perform under demanding conditions? Many OEMs don’t use strong metals, high-grade bearings or gear boxes, robust power units, or high-grade cutting bits and tooling. Plenty of companies can make a machine that performs in their showrooms, but ask about how the tool performs in demanding conditions and applications: Does the tool perform consistently throughout the advertised range? Does it chatter, stall, skip or bind? Don’t believe the hype until you’ve tried the machine for yourself and pushed it to the edge.

Will the tool last? There’s no shortage of PMTs that work for a little while and then break. Today, many operators are using more than 25-year-old CLIMAX | H&S TOOL PMTs. How many jobs can you complete in 25 years with one PMT? This kind of return CLIMAX | H&S TOOL provides is phenomenal. When choosing a PMT, you’ll want a partner that will allow you to say „yes“ to more jobs.

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