It’s been more than 20 years since CLIMAX produced its first circular mill. “Over those years, we’ve continued to refine our milling technology, making these tools known for their precision and accuracy,” said CLIMAX Corporate Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dave Baker. “CLIMAX circular mills are very easy to set up with unrivaled power and performance.”

To keep wind turbine costs from spinning out of control, the circular milling machines from CLIMAX can be configured for powerful milling, single-point machining, and grinding operations. They are similarly useful for crane pedestals used in shipyards, and heavy construction settings; as well as, slew ring bearings for draglines and shovels in mining operations. In these applications, downtime to the operation can result in significant financial losses, and the purchase of a circular mill can generate a great financial return after only one or two uses.

CLIMAX circular mills are designed with a focus on changing from one setup to another in the shortest possible time. That means there’s less time on changeovers and more time getting the work done.

Once the machine is set up, customers have access to the industry’s most powerful machine. With its high-horsepower spindle supporting a large face mill, cutting time is reduced, and cuts that remove more material ensure the desired surface finish.

The CLIMAX CM6200 circular mill is also rugged; as it is designed to it withstand the bumps and bruises of a typical mining operation and still operates accurately and powerfully. As one of our wind power customers told us, “If there’s a welding error or some sort of damage to the flange, you can repair that flange instead of scrapping it and cutting off the whole flange. We can machine the flange back to within tolerance, saving the whole tower.”

When it comes to getting a CLIMAX circular mill to a job site, rental can also be a great option. “Our rental facilities provide customers more variety, availability, and quicker access to high-performance tools, which ultimately leads to lower costs and less down-time,” said Jeff Nemish, Manager of Rental Operations.

Rental machines particularly make sense when you are looking at a machine you might need only once, or to boost productivity during peak usage seasons. You get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. And, when it comes to equipment with the size of the CLIMAX CM6200 circular mill, renting allows companies to bid on last-minute jobs without making a rushed ownership decision or having to store such a large piece of equipment. By renting, they can leave the storage and ownership of the machine to CLIMAX.