Whether you’re re-facing flanges or repairing seals and bearing fits, the CLIMAX FF6300 Flange Facer is the perfect machine for customers operating in industries such as power generation, oil & gas, and heavy equipment. The FF6300 is sized to machine flanges ranging from 12 to 60 inches (304.8 to 1524.0 mm) in diameter.

FF63-300x300The USNS Mercy naval hospital ship came into North America’s largest floating dry dock, a Vigor Industrial facility in Portland, Oregon.

Vigor needed to repair two flanges that mate up with a butterfly valve in a water-flow system. A FF6300 Flange Facer proved to be the perfect machine for effecting these repairs on the massive 894-foot (272.5-meter) vessel. The first flange was machined in place on the ship; the second flange was machined on the deck.

Vigor’s machinist praised the FF6300’s durability and gave it “an A-plus on hogging material.” In summary: “We would rent it again.”

The CLIMAX FF6300 also offers the following advantages for operators:

  • Safety features that go beyond what you might expect. Operators can remotely start and stop the feed rate from the pneumatic conditioning unit, keeping hands safe from moving parts. Lighter weight and multiple lifting points in all orientations simplify balancing and rigging challenges for easy machine positioning.
  • A quick and easy setup process. An experienced operator can typically mount the machine into the flange bore, align it, and start cutting in less than an hour. Then the FF6300 delivers high-torque performance to quickly re-face flanges and repair sealing and bearing surfaces efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Inner-diameter, outer-diameter, and surface mounting options. Add pneumatic and hydraulic drive power supply options, 360-degree tool head and bit rotation, and an optional back-facing attachment, and the FF6300 is ready for a variety of working conditions — it’s one machine for a lot of different applications.

Does your company need a robust flange facer with greater range, more accessories, and high-torque performance? Contact your CLIMAX representative today and ask about options for buying or renting this advanced machine.

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