In the world of machining, welding and field repairs, operators are constantly challenged to think on their feet, as jobs prove to be harder than advertised, and setting up the equipment can present unforeseen challenges and restrictions. In this environment, developing processes and partnerships that help you navigate these challenges can be the key to your success.

Since founding Superior Industrial Services, Joe Sassmen and his company have developed a reputation for creativity. « We pride ourselves on unique, one-off machine setups, » says Joe. « A lot of people can take a stock machine and a perfect-world environment and get the desired results. Our relationship with CLIMAX helps us overcome the imperfect situations for our customers. »

Joe points to a couple recent examples where his staff and CLIMAX engineers « put their heads together and did what they are stellar at: solving problems we’ve never seen. »

A steel mill in the northeast United States, asked Superior to machine a vertical wall in a harsh environment with limited access. Two other companies that provide portable machining services had previewed the project and said it couldn’t be done. But after consulting with CLIMAX engineers and designing a few custom fixtures, Superior was ready to go. Their machinists deployed two CLIMAX LM6200 milling machines, coupled with the custom fixtures that allowed Superior to successfully complete the critical project ahead of schedule and reduce the downtime for the client.

LM6200-325x216« Superior has a reputation for thinking outside the box, and CLIMAX helps us do that. They are integral to our success. »  says Joe, a 23-year veteran of machining and field repairs.

Another example: in Superior’s home state of Washington, Joe’s team took on a job milling two large bearing pedestals – 5 feet by 30 inches – on a mega-shredder at a steel recycling facility. Others in the past had addressed the size of this task by utilizing small milling machines that require several setups. To reduce downtime, Superior Industrial Services worked with CLIMAX engineers to devise a method for using a larger milling machine and only one setup – by turning the machine upside down. The engineering and ingenuity that went into this inverted solution paid off for the customer: The job was done in 46 hours instead of the usual six days, and machining accuracy improved from past results from .024 inches (0.61 mm) to just .002 inches (0.05 mm).

End-to-end solutions start with outrageously good customer service creating opportunities for Superior to work directly with experienced CLIMAX engineers to co-design custom fixtures for rental machines, resulting in new business opportunities. This is why Superior relies on CLIMAX.  « Because of their tech support and responsiveness, we use CLIMAX exclusively, » says Joe.

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