CLIMAX | H&S TOOL and FMT announce the arrival of the FF8200 and CM6200 in Australia to further boost the rental fleet.

CLIMAX l H&S Tool, the leading global manufacturer of portable machining tools, and Field Machine Tools Australia are pleased to announce the addition of our 2 largest machines, the FF8200 Flange Facer and CM6200 Circular Mill to the Australian rental fleet.

«The FF8200 Flange Facer and CM6200 Circular Mill have the true muscle and rigidity to machine large-diameter flanges accurately while offering quick setup times.  Our customers rely heavily on CLIMAX machines to serve their needs for demanding applications at large sizes, whether mounted vertically or horizontally and to get the job done on time. We are really thrilled to extend these capabilities across the globe to Australia!»

– Jeff Nemish, CLIMAX Rental Operations Manager, World Headquarters

Check out these outstanding features of the FF8200 Flange Facer and CM6200 Circular Mill.

FF8200 Flange Facer

  • Designed to machine diameters from 45 to 120 inches (1143.0 to 3048.0 mm). 091416-rotary-mill-lands-in-australia-ff-250x150
  • Industrial-grade Heavy Duty bearings for rigid performance throughout machining range, even over bolt hole patterns. Oversize ring gear to achieve high torque levels and the finish you need.
  • Remote adjustment of feed rate for optimum safety and flexibility.
  • Infinitely variable feed rates from 0.002 to 0.035 inches (0.0508 to 0.889 mm) for maximum operational flexibility.
  • Fully adjustable 360° tool head.
  • Modular design and quick-adjust leveling feet for quick setup.

The California Department of Water Resources used the FF8200 Flange Facer for a daunting precision turbine repair job on the tallest dam in the U.S. After discussing the challenge and repair needs, the Operations & Maintenance Department’s lead mechanic worked with CLIMAX experts to determine a top-quality, efficient and cost-effective repair solution. Click here to read more.

Click here to learn more about the FF8200 Flange Facer >>

CM6200 Circular Mill

  • Designed to machine diameters from 73.5 to 199 inches (1866.9 to 5054.6 mm). 091416-rotary-mill-lands-in-australia-cm-250x150
  • The extraordinary rigid design ensures consistent high-quality machining.
  • Speedy setup and operation through modular design and tubular rigid chucking system with leveling feet.
  • Infinitely adjustable arm position for limited swing clearance applications.
  • Servo control with touchscreen pendant.

Click here to learn more about the CM6200 Circular Mill >>

«It’s great to now have the FF8200 Flange Facer and CM6200 Circular Mill a part of the massive CLIMAX rental fleet we already have based in Australia. Both CLIMAX and FMT have invested heavily in equipment, facilities, logistics, spares and consumables to offer maximum support to customers in Australia. FMT is your one-stop shop for ALL your portable machining tool needs in Australia.»

– Darryl Flenady, Manager at FMT

The FF8200 Flange Facer and CM6200 Circular Mill are now available for immediate rental. To contact FMT for the full list of CLIMAX l H&S Tool machines available for rent, please call 1300 368 368 or visit the website at

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