Re-Machining a Large-Scale Turntable

Re-Machining a Large-Scale Turntable

CM6200300x300Founded in 1946, Mouldagraph Corporation is one of the largest heavy equipment repair services east of the Mississippi. Mouldagraph specializes in general machine work and welding, hydraulic and air tool repair, plastic fabrication, and portable field-service machining and welding.

With a strong commitment to quality and emphasis on customer loyalty, it’s no surprise that Mouldagraph and CLIMAX have been long-standing partners for more than 15 years.

In addition to owning CLIMAX’s FF8200 and FF5000 flange facers, Mouldagraph has rented a variety of machines from the CLIMAX team since the relationship was first established. Most recently, Mouldagraph Service Coordinator Matt Huff rented the CLIMAX CM6200 Circular Mill to re-machine the surface of the turntable on a large EX5500-5 Hitachi hydraulic excavator.

Matt and his team had never tackled a job this large before, and the repairs were daunting. The bearings sit in a turntable held it in place with 80 bolt holes. To return the excavator to working condition, the 156-inch (3.96-meter) diameter surface of the turntable needed to be re-machined evenly and flat. The CM6200’s three-axis milling head adjustments allowed Matt and his team to meet taper and flatness specifications simultaneously. Mouldagraph was able to complete the job within 12 hours – quite a feat compared to the length of past repair jobs.

“The first time we used the CM6200 we were amazed with how easy the set-up process was,” said Matt. “The flexibility and versatility of the machine helped us complete a high-quality job efficiently.”

For Matt and his team, the milling attachment was the most surprising feature about the machine. Faced with more than 80 bolt holes of an inch and a half (3.81 cm) diameter, Mouldagraph found that the face mill was a great machining option for the repair job. Matt shared that when an operator uses the single-point machining option, the tool has to cut across many bolt holes, which can potentially cause the tools to break down. With the face mill, an operator can cut the entire surface at one time with only a few cuts across the surface, resulting in a mirror-like finish – something that is difficult to achieve with the single-point option.

“Our circular mills can handle tough, large flange machining jobs quickly and efficiently,” said CLIMAX Regional Account Manager Marci Davis. “The CM6200 can be configured for powerful milling, single-point machining and grinding operations for extraordinary rigidity, versatility, and power.”

“We’ve rented CLIMAX machines for years,” said Matt. “Whenever I give Marci a call, she makes the renting process a smooth and easy experience and truly understands our company’s needs. We can always expect quick turnaround and delivery time and quality service.”

After numerous successful rental experiences and growing machining application needs, Mouldagraph is working with Marci to purchase a CM6200 to better serve its customers in the future.

Does your company consistently machine large surfaces? Connect with a CLIMAX representative today to determine a machine tool solution to best meet your needs.