Preparación de extremo de tubería: Preguntas y respuestas frecuentes

Preparación de extremo de tubería: Preguntas y respuestas frecuentes

When planning end prep work with tube or pipe beveling tools, our customers ask us common questions every day. Erica Jackson, Business Development Manager for H&S TOOL has been in the portable machine tool business since 2008 and we asked her to highlight the five most frequently asked questions she gets with regards to pipe end prep jobs.

Q1: Do I need separate machines for different applications (facing, counterbore, beveling)?

ERICA: With H&S TOOL, you can use the same machine for multiple applications within the same range. The only requirement would be changing out the blades and ID locking system. For example, we recently rented an H&S TOOL BG44LV BOILER GUN™ to a customer who needed to match up IDs (counterbore) and then bevel the tubes with a 37.5° bevel. We gave the customer two types of blades, SI 10° and S 37.5° blades. With the BG44 BOILER GUN™ the customer completed the counterbore with the SI 10° blade, then they backed the machine off and switched blades to the S 37.5° bevel blade to complete the tube bevel job – performing two applications with one machine.

«To me, nothing is more satisfying than helping our customers when they tell us a job can’t be done. They’ll send us a drawing or a picture and next thing you know, we are sending a machine out to that customer to handle the job, and everything works flawlessly. Sometimes you get a thank you, sometimes you don’t. Regardless, our company helped them with a seemingly-impossible situation when no others could. To me, that’s what it is all about.”

– Erica Jackson, Business Development Manager

Q2: How many bevels can I get out of my blades?

ERICA: This can vary tremendously depending on the material being cut and the experience of the operator, as well as the pipe or tube size. We like to give our customers conservative estimates on the number of bevels you can get out of one blade. For the S-based blades, 0.5-0.75 inches (12.7–19 mm), we advise approximately 10 bevels per blade, and for the SM-base blades – 25 bevels per blade. While many tool bit providers source their blades from China or elsewhere, our blades are designed specifically to perform with the H&S TOOL products and are manufactured right here in the USA.

Q3: What is the difference between ID locking devices?

ERICA: The H&S TOOL BOILER GUNS™ and POWER BEVELERS are designed to tackle a broad number of applications. Collets are well-suited for smaller IDs, roughly 2.5 inches (63.5 mm) and smaller, because they have more surface area to lock into the ID. Wedge sets are appropriate for larger pipes and tubes, normally more than 3 inches (76.2 mm). The wedges are not as heavy to carry around, and the larger the size, the greater surface area they cover, making them more effective for larger pipes and other applications.

Q4: Do you have electric or hydraulic options?

ERICA: While most of our customers’ applications require a pneumatic motor, air is not the only option we offer. An electric option in 120 or 230 volts is available with the majority of our machines. If needed, the H&S TOOL POWER BEVELER is available with a hydraulic motor. A cordless, battery-powered option is also available for some of our machines

Q5: If I buy a used machine from H&S TOOL, will I be able to get parts?

ERICA: We are known for providing exceptional service to our customers. We will deliver any part the customer needs for any product, any time, anywhere in the world. And we stock our most commonly used parts and consumables both in the USA and at our worldwide locations so we can ship them out immediately upon request.

Do you have additional questions about H&S TOOL pipe end prep machines? Contact us today to connect with a CLIMAX | H&S TOOL expert and determine the best solution for your company.