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Manchester UK — September 2016; Health and safety in the world of on-site machining is paramount to us all. Every day users of portable machine tools must go through necessary steps to ensure equipment is properly set up and safe to use.

091516-od-mount-flange-facing-success-325x216At CLIMAX H&S Tool, we decided to manufacture the highest quality, outer-diameter mount flange facing machines with enhanced safety features for users and those in the surrounding area.

Our FF1200, FF2400 and FF3600 OD Mount Flange Facers have proven to be a huge success in the UK & Ireland markets thanks to our unique safety features and the flange machining capability. From valve refurbishment companies and OEMS of special joint connections to on-site machining companies, these machines are gaining accolades globally.

Key features include:
  • Feed controls located on the outside of the machine — no more reaching in!
  • E-stop for quick stops & controlled re-starts
  • Low-pressure drop-out prevents unintended re-starts after loss of supplied air pressure
  • Automatic and variable feed rate come standard, which provides a host of benefits including time savings, easy machining of various types of materials and a high-quality surface finish
  • Feed rates can be adjusted while machine is running — no need to stop, change direction, or change parts to adjust the feed rate
  • Seven flange types include:
    • Flat face
    • Raised face
    • Ring type joints (RTJ)
    • Tongue & groove
    • Lens ring
    • Grayloc® (hub profile)
    • Compact flanges
With facilities strategically located throughout the world CLIMAX l H&S Tool can provide customers with local access to a wide range of equipment available and ready to rent or buy. For additional support, we provide onsite or in-house training programs to help make workers more efficient by lessening the learning curve. We also provide cutting bits and tooling that maximizes the performance of our machines.

For further information on how CLIMAX H&S Tool can help your business reduce costs and enhance your safety and productivity contact our UK Headquarters at +44(0)161 406 1720 or direct via email to inside sales: Paul Burden [email protected], Craig O’Toole[email protected], Steven Salt [email protected].